Cyber Security Challenge 2021 Finals

After a long year of qualifiers, the 2021 SANReN CSC final is upon us. 213 students from 12 tertiary education institutions from South Africa, Botswana, and eSwatini competed for spots in the final. The impact of the pandemic did not deter students from showcasing their hacking skills and we are proud to welcome the following 11 teams to the 2021 SANReN Cyber Security Challenge final, to be held over the weekend of the 27th and 28th of November:

Team NameUniversity
CronusUniversity of Botswana
ThePhishermenUniversity of Pretoria
UCSCUniversity of eSwatini
GonePhishingRhodes University
CommuniMaestrosBotho University
SavannaSolutionsSubsetUniversity of Pretoria
HappyTreeFriendsUniversity of the Western Cape
Unid£ntifiedTshwane University of Technology
BitByBitUniversity of Pretoria
CyberGloryUniversity of Johannesburg
TsotsiUniversity of Cape Town
CyberFuryUniversity of Pretoria

To keep all of the participant safe the 2021 SANReN Cyber Security Challenge will again be held in a virtual setting.