Cyber Security Challenge 2018 Finals

Much appreciation goes to our Cyber Security Challenge 2018 Sponsors

SANReN hosted its second Cyber Security Challenge during the CHPC National Conference 2018 at the Century City Conference Center in Cape Town.

The competition was split into two rounds:

  • During the first round, students competed for placement in the final round. Over two hundred students from more than ten universities competed in the qualification round that was hosted during September and October 2018.
  • During the final round, 38 students comprising ten teams competed over a span of four days from the 2nd to 5th December 2018. Much fun was had by the students during the competition.

The following teams participated in the final round:

  • misJUDged (BRICS Champions) –  University of Pretoria
  • Down Town Cookie Factory – University of Pretoria
  • Wits Hacky Sac – University of the Witwatersrand
  • PUK3 – North West University
  • GGEZ – University of the Western Cape
  • Mirai – Rhodes University
  • Bit Phase – Stellenbosch University
  • Bureau 122 – University of Cape Town
  • NUST4 – Namibia University of Science and Technology
  • Cyber Nerds – University of Botswana

The final scoreboard at the end of the 2018 competition was as follows: